To deal with the inability to do dead or live drops, Virgil set up the email address and provided (through Charon) the riddle:

4 beat 821 arrogant alligators. 4 chanted zero zero because 5 eats. 53210 caramels did 3202 bends. 4 fought 8 donkeys, 98.

This turned into an md5 hash, which could be used to get the password to the email. It contained one email, with the following from the third canto of the inferno as the body:

Then looking farther onwards I beheld

A throng upon the shore of a great stream:

Whereat I thus: "Sir! grant me now to know

Whom here we view, and whence impell'd they seem

So eager to pass o'er, as I discern

Through the blear light?" He thus to me in few:

"This shalt thou know, soon as our steps arrive

Beside the woeful tide of Acheron."

Then with eyes downward cast and fill'd with shame,

Fearing my words offensive to hsi ear,

Till we had reach'd the river, I from speech

Abstain'd. And lo! toward us in a bark

Comes on an old man hoary white with eld,


The AttachmentsEdit

The email also contained three protected rar files as attachements. Each file is named with the abbreviation for the place where each was supposed to be dropped: Germany (DE), Ontario (ON) and Texas (TX).


The following is a description of the content of each drop:

Germany (DE)Edit

The Germany file, DE.rar (pass: icometotakeyoutotheothershoreacrossintoeternaldarknesstheretodwellinfierceheatandinice), contains the following files:

  • 3G.jpg - Possibly another cipher wheel.
  • DE.rtf - Possibly another section of the code book.
  • lxxii.rtf - Content unknown.

Texas (TX)Edit

The Texas file, TX.rar (pass: hopenotevertoseetheskyagain), contains the following files:

  • 2G.jpg - Possibly another cipher wheel.
  • TX.docx - Possibly another section of the code book.
  • lxxvii.docx - Content unknown.

Ontario (ON)Edit

The Ontario file, ON.rar (pass: woetoyouwickedspirits), contains the following files:

  • 1G.jpg - Possibly another cipher wheel.
  • ON.docx - Possibly another section of the code book.
  • cxxx.docx - Content unknown.
  • Summary_of_Test_3.docx - Content unknown.
  • TheCave.docx - Content unknown.

Content of RAR FILESEdit

Paswords were quotes from Dantes Inferno Canto III, just under first picture of Charon

Passes: hopenotevertoseetheskyagain woetoyouwickedspirits icometotakeyoutotheothershoreacrossintoeternaldarknesstheretodwellinfierceheatandinice

Files were full of content:

1. Parts of codebook




(we got parts from A-D and E-H in Michigan nad Korea drops) SO CODEBOOK IS NOW COMPLETE

2. Quotes from The Art of Worldly Wisdomby Balthasar Gracian (with wrong filenemes in roman numbers again)

3. Document with report from testing SECRET DEVICE


4. The Cave.docx

(part of Plato's the Cave) Plato


5. Set of pictures

(with some kind of crossword puzzle or Nonograms, Griddlers, Gobelins)

ON 1G.jpg

TX 2G.jpg

DE 3G.jpg