The following is a list of the Transmissions broadcasted through UMBRA's channel. So far, as of the 2nd of June 2012, fifty-one transmissions have been made:

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41 to 50Edit

  • Transmission 41: May 19th, 2012. Vigenère cipher, key: UEHARA.
  • Transmission 42: May 20th, 2012. Playfair cipher and three SSTV Images, key: UMBRAPHILES.
  • Transmission 43: May 22nd, 2012. Playfair cipher and SSTV Image, key: RUDRA CHAKRIN.
  • Transmission 44: May 23rd, 2012. Vigenère cipher, key: SALUTATIONS TO THEE, O KALAGNI RUDRA...
  • Transmission 45: May 24th, 2012. Vigenère cipher, key: AUM SHINRIKYIO HIGAISHA NO KAI.

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