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[2012-05-14 01:01:08] <nnothingg> oh look who it is.

[2012-05-14 01:01:16] <kluge> charlie one umbra

[2012-05-14 01:01:17] <kluge> charlie one umbra

[2012-05-14 01:01:17] <nnothingg> C1UCharon: you have to answer for a few things.

[2012-05-14 01:01:27] <kluge> I'm excited again

[2012-05-14 01:01:29] <i3> Good to see you charon

[2012-05-14 01:01:32] <nnothingg> sexually?

[2012-05-14 01:01:36] <kluge> no shut up u

[2012-05-14 01:01:39] <nnothingg> fu

[2012-05-14 01:01:46] <C1UCharon> Why do I feel like I'm in a poorly made sitcom

[2012-05-14 01:01:52] <i3> heh

[2012-05-14 01:01:52] <nnothingg> Something you created.

[2012-05-14 01:02:11] <C1UCharon> Kluge, Ill.

[2012-05-14 01:02:14] <maya2> ohai charon

[2012-05-14 01:02:27] <C1UCharon> Afternoon.

[2012-05-14 01:02:31] <nnothingg> So what do you bring us now?

[2012-05-14 01:02:34] <i3> Is it there?

[2012-05-14 01:02:35] <nnothingg> What relevant information

[2012-05-14 01:02:36] <kluge> howdy C1UCharon

[2012-05-14 01:02:43] <i3> it's 1 am here

[2012-05-14 01:03:02] <kluge> here too

[2012-05-14 01:03:20] * kluge squints at i3' mdt

[2012-05-14 01:03:22] <C1UCharon> I just got back from the lab. Test results are in. nnothingg is


[2012-05-14 01:03:33] <maya2> nnothingg is always cranky

[2012-05-14 01:03:34] <nnothingg> Nonsense..

[2012-05-14 01:03:43] <kluge> nah he is rarely cranky

[2012-05-14 01:03:46] -!- Sorgens [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 01:03:49] <kluge> just a foul little thing

[2012-05-14 01:03:54] <kluge> mouth, thoughts, etc.

[2012-05-14 01:03:56] <nnothingg> Like your penis

[2012-05-14 01:03:59] <nnothingg> foul lil thing

[2012-05-14 01:04:00] <kluge> zing

[2012-05-14 01:04:04] <kluge> anyway

[2012-05-14 01:04:19] <i3> So. those two aside, any news? Or just checking in?

[2012-05-14 01:04:30] <nnothingg> Anyway C1UCharon , your alternate reality game was fun.

[2012-05-14 01:04:50] <C1UCharon> Checking in. Mulling over the taxi bit.

[2012-05-14 01:05:06] <C1UCharon> About to check the livestream, see if we can get it to work.

[2012-05-14 01:05:12] <nnothingg> I think the game has fallen to question though.

[2012-05-14 01:05:22] <kluge> C1UCharon, is there any reason you know of for all of the code names being

allusions to eclipse or astronomical phenomena?

[2012-05-14 01:05:35] <kluge> is this arbitrary or is it related to the game

[2012-05-14 01:05:50] <C1UCharon> Only brevity code I'm aware of is Umbra, which is a designator for the


[2012-05-14 01:06:05] <kluge> charon is pluto's largest moon

[2012-05-14 01:06:16] <kluge> one of the keys for a vigenere cipher mentioned eclipse

[2012-05-14 01:06:23] <i3> he's also the boatman. What's this livestream?

[2012-05-14 01:06:36] <kluge> :/

[2012-05-14 01:06:46] <C1UCharon> Suppose so. Kinda wrecks the idea that they called my strike group

"Charon" because we drag souls across the underworld.

[2012-05-14 01:06:55] <kluge> okay fair

[2012-05-14 01:07:18] <C1UCharon> It should be noted that strike group Thanatos exists. Don't know of

any moon related to them.

[2012-05-14 01:08:17] <kluge> ok so it's more greek than astronomical

[2012-05-14 01:08:18] <C1UCharon> Place got quiet.

[2012-05-14 01:08:26] <kluge> yeah, I have that effect

[2012-05-14 01:08:32] <i3> What is happening with the taxis? The last most of us heard, you

thought they were acting as couriers?

[2012-05-14 01:09:22] <nnothingg> It got quiet cause most of us have lost interest with this game

[2012-05-14 01:09:41] <kluge> not me

[2012-05-14 01:09:48] <nnothingg> Yeah well you're newb

[2012-05-14 01:09:58] <C1UCharon> I still think it. It's a bit raw, but the taxis have the ability to be

where they want, when they want.

[2012-05-14 01:10:11] <kluge> hmm

[2012-05-14 01:10:14] <i3> Fair enough

[2012-05-14 01:10:32] <i3> Any idea what they would be moving? Is it as simple as messages?

[2012-05-14 01:10:39] <i3> or are they moving supplies?

[2012-05-14 01:11:01] <C1UCharon> To be honest, I couldn't tell you. Aside from intel, I don't have a

single idea.

[2012-05-14 01:11:24] <i3> Alright, so we'll have to wait and see on that one then

[2012-05-14 01:11:51] <maya2> nnothingg i thought u were gonna be a lil more talkative :P

[2012-05-14 01:12:05] <C1UCharon> I followed a few last night, down to Tsuji. It's a red light district

near Naha.

[2012-05-14 01:12:11] <nnothingg> maya2: <3

[2012-05-14 01:13:21] <kluge> is it the taxi company itself

[2012-05-14 01:13:24] <i3> Was there anything that set that taxis involved apart?

[2012-05-14 01:13:34] <kluge> are they all the same company?

[2012-05-14 01:13:48] <C1UCharon> The route they take. North to South, base to base, straight to Naha

and then they wait.

[2012-05-14 01:13:52] <maya2> do the taxis know what theyr doing?

[2012-05-14 01:13:58] <C1UCharon> They seem to wait outside the Palace Main, it's a local mall.

[2012-05-14 01:14:22] <C1UCharon> It's there that they pick up mostly servicemembers and take them to

Tsuji. On who's command? Don't know.

[2012-05-14 01:14:26] <C1UCharon> They all stop at the same hotel.

[2012-05-14 01:14:39] <kluge> is it a love hotel

[2012-05-14 01:14:54] <kluge> I have read that those are very discreet about recordkeeping

[2012-05-14 01:15:15] <maya2> charon do the taxis know what theyr involved in?

[2012-05-14 01:15:23] <kluge> yeah, and are they all the same company?

[2012-05-14 01:15:40] <C1UCharon> Not quite sure, Maya. Might have to hop in and see.

[2012-05-14 01:16:10] <C1UCharon> On each taxi, there's a blue stripe down the side and some kanji. I've

seen a few red and yellow striped, but I don't read Japanese. The kanji doesn't appear to be the same.

[2012-05-14 01:16:16] <C1UCharon> The red and yellow ones are few and far between.

[2012-05-14 01:16:22] <C1UCharon> Love hotel, eh?

[2012-05-14 01:16:30] <Sypherr> are we still going to be getting an image of the device?

[2012-05-14 01:17:23] <kluge> do you know where the hotel is approximately?

[2012-05-14 01:17:35] <C1UCharon> Yes, as soon as possible, followed directly by a video. Under

Burrough's suggestion, I've obtained a dog to judge his response to the device.

[2012-05-14 01:17:37] <kluge> or the name if there is any lettering in romaji

[2012-05-14 01:18:18] <i3> was that the stream you mentioned earlier, or is that something


[2012-05-14 01:19:26] <C1UCharon> I'm going to be testing my ability to livestream operations to the

SIFT. The initial test will probably not be released. Following the test, I'll give it another go and

we'll see if you can connect.

[2012-05-14 01:20:32] <i3> great. A chance to watch field work a little more intense than ours

[2012-05-14 01:20:49] <Sypherr> and possibly proof that this isnt an ARG

[2012-05-14 01:20:58] <kluge> :/

[2012-05-14 01:21:01] <kluge> it's an arg, dude

[2012-05-14 01:21:18] <i3> Is the taxi use being done just in okinawa, or is this a global

thing for them?

[2012-05-14 01:21:24] <i3> would we even know?

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[2012-05-14 01:22:36] -!- jeebus_ [~jeebus_@] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 01:22:41] <i3> heh

[2012-05-14 01:22:45] <i3> great timing jeebus_

[2012-05-14 01:22:54] <Sypherr> * C1UCharon has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[2012-05-14 01:22:54] <jeebus_> ?

[2012-05-14 01:22:55] <Sypherr> * jeebus_ (~jeebus_@ has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 01:22:55] <Sypherr> lol

[2012-05-14 01:23:07] <Sypherr> seconds apart

[2012-05-14 01:24:05] <kluge> -_-

[2012-05-14 01:24:32] <kluge> so i3, can you tell me the name of the hotel and/or taxi company?

[2012-05-14 01:24:40] <i3> how would I know?

[2012-05-14 01:24:45] <kluge> oh I donno

[2012-05-14 01:24:51] <i3> I've never been to okinawa, sadly

[2012-05-14 01:25:05] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined

  1. sift

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[2012-05-14 01:25:08] <i3> mostly tokyo

[2012-05-14 01:25:28] <C1UCharon> Lost connection.

[2012-05-14 01:25:30] <i3> welcome back

[2012-05-14 01:25:58] <i3> not a great internet connection?

[2012-05-14 01:25:59] <maya2> lol kluge

[2012-05-14 01:26:08] <kluge> hwat

[2012-05-14 01:26:09] -!- Kelgand|AFK is now known as Kelgand

[2012-05-14 01:26:10] <C1UCharon> Pretty great, really. I've had worse safehouses.

[2012-05-14 01:26:27] <kluge> misread that a horse safehouses, gettin' late here

[2012-05-14 01:26:58] <kluge> C1UCharon, did you see the name of the hotel? if it's in okinawa near a

base, it likely has romaji lettering no?

[2012-05-14 01:27:04] <kluge> any lettering in romaji

[2012-05-14 01:27:16] <kluge> you or i3

[2012-05-14 01:27:21] <kluge> or anyone else you know

[2012-05-14 01:27:31] <i3> wait, what about me?

[2012-05-14 01:27:39] <kluge> sorry, just itching for info and more game to play

[2012-05-14 01:27:42] <kluge> :/

[2012-05-14 01:27:46] <kluge> I'll shut up and sulk

[2012-05-14 01:28:19] <i3> but I just said I'd never even been to okinawa...

[2012-05-14 01:28:40] <C1UCharon> The hotel's name is in plain english across from a really, really

great bar.

[2012-05-14 01:28:40] <kluge> o

[2012-05-14 01:28:48] <C1UCharon> It's "Cream Play Spot"

[2012-05-14 01:28:55] <kluge> lol awesome

[2012-05-14 01:28:57] <kluge> that's

[2012-05-14 01:29:09] <C1UCharon> The name's disgusting, but a great landmark for the bar. I just had

jellyfish there last night.

[2012-05-14 01:29:15] <kluge> nice

[2012-05-14 01:30:27] <Sorgens> That name definitely sounds like a Japanese love hotel...

[2012-05-14 01:30:30] <i3>

[2012-05-14 01:30:32] <i3> that one

[2012-05-14 01:30:33] <i3> ?

[2012-05-14 01:30:50] <kluge> yeah hilarious wow

[2012-05-14 01:30:51] <C1UCharon> That'd be the one.

[2012-05-14 01:31:01] <i3> yeah

[2012-05-14 01:31:01] <C1UCharon> How'd you do that? Can you turn the camera around? I'll show you the


[2012-05-14 01:31:06] <i3> it's a brothel

[2012-05-14 01:31:10] <Kelgand> i3: Got some coords or something for google maps?

[2012-05-14 01:31:20] <i3> nah, that was the only picture I could find

[2012-05-14 01:31:27] <i3> I may be able to get coords though

[2012-05-14 01:32:24] <i3> nah, no can do, I just found a picture of it on a tourists flickr

[2012-05-14 01:32:36] <Sypherr> just found a bigger pic

[2012-05-14 01:32:37] <Sypherr>

[2012-05-14 01:32:45] <i3> Tsuji 1 Chome, Naha-shi, Okinawa Prefecture, JP best I could see

[2012-05-14 01:33:24] <i3> anyway, so we have taxis running north to south picking up possible

enemy at that place, which I'm sure is a great place to wait at

[2012-05-14 01:33:57] <kluge> i3, where'd you originally find the photo?

[2012-05-14 01:34:01] <C1UCharon> US Personnel for the most post, Ill.

[2012-05-14 01:34:09] <kluge> hmm

[2012-05-14 01:34:12] <i3> I see

[2012-05-14 01:34:19] <i3> not what I was expecting

[2012-05-14 01:35:23] <Sorgens> I got the coords

[2012-05-14 01:35:24] <kluge> so there are us military personnel that are involved

[2012-05-14 01:35:34] <i3> so wait, you said their route takes them to naha, and then they wait

[2012-05-14 01:35:51] <Sorgens>

[2012-05-14 01:36:02] <Sorgens> That's the streetview showing Cream Play Spot

[2012-05-14 01:36:07] <i3> was they the personnel, being taken south to naha, and waiting, or

is they the taxis moving south and waiting there for the personel

[2012-05-14 01:36:12] <Kelgand> Just found it, but thanks Sorgens

[2012-05-14 01:36:33] <i3> thanks sorgens

[2012-05-14 01:36:41] <i3> Goddamn I miss those vending machines

[2012-05-14 01:37:40] <i3> also... assume I said were they instead of was they... because damn

[2012-05-14 01:37:53] <kluge> don't they got beer vending machines

[2012-05-14 01:38:16] <C1UCharon> They say they do

[2012-05-14 01:38:20] <C1UCharon> Haven't seen one.

[2012-05-14 01:38:30] <C1UCharon> Just oversized cokes and hot coffee.

[2012-05-14 01:38:44] <i3> they have just about everything, but the vending machines for beer

and smokes need an age verification that non citizens have trouble getting

[2012-05-14 01:38:55] <kluge> ahh shame

[2012-05-14 01:39:20] <i3> so, which was moving south, the personnel, or the taxis to get them?

[2012-05-14 01:40:04] <maya2> the enemy are being taken to the hotel

[2012-05-14 01:40:11] <i3> I see

[2012-05-14 01:40:38] <i3> Anyone had anything else on the taxis, or can I move on to a more

gruesome question?

[2012-05-14 01:41:00] <Sorgens> Is Teinkuru the name of the bar?

[2012-05-14 01:41:43] <C1UCharon> Don't really know. All I know is it's across from the spot, has a

great jukebox full of old tunes and a dartboard.

[2012-05-14 01:41:52] <maya2> move on ill

[2012-05-14 01:41:54] <kluge> so one question

[2012-05-14 01:42:15] <i3> I'll wait for kluge

[2012-05-14 01:42:34] <C1UCharon> Send it.

[2012-05-14 01:42:58] <kluge> C1UCharon, this whole thing is not some elaborate lure to get people to do

things that seem illicit a la recent fbi-bordering-on-entrapment operations to bolster their counter-

terrorism numbers?

[2012-05-14 01:43:29] <C1UCharon> Yes. I'm with the FBI and I care about numbers.

[2012-05-14 01:43:32] <kluge> and then gitmo/thumbscrew them

[2012-05-14 01:43:46] <C1UCharon> Kluge, man. Take the tinfoil off.

[2012-05-14 01:44:00] <kluge> nyt reported on that

[2012-05-14 01:44:05] <kluge> but okay

[2012-05-14 01:44:07] <C1UCharon> I'm not going to Gitmo you. I'd never do that to you, Kluge.

[2012-05-14 01:44:07] <kluge> had to ask

[2012-05-14 01:44:16] <i3> k, moving on... and sorry some

[2012-05-14 01:44:23] <i3> So, the burnt bodies

[2012-05-14 01:44:45] <i3> are we looking at blackened outer "shell" or more bubbly, melting

[2012-05-14 01:45:00] <C1UCharon> Melting, not exactly charred.

[2012-05-14 01:45:02] <i3> as they tend to mean pretty different deaths

[2012-05-14 01:45:06] <i3> ah

[2012-05-14 01:45:18] <i3> so that lines up more with the old aum method then

[2012-05-14 01:45:36] <i3> thanks

[2012-05-14 01:45:45] -!- anon [61716ed1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 01:46:01] <anon> sorry i was watching harry otter

[2012-05-14 01:46:08] <Sorgens> Heh.

[2012-05-14 01:46:15] <i3> that leaves alot more possibilities for how it was done at a

distance and without surrounding damage

[2012-05-14 01:46:15] <kluge> harry otter is that a porn

[2012-05-14 01:46:23] <maya2> lmao beat me to it kluge

[2012-05-14 01:46:35] <kluge> sorry, don't mean to disrupt

[2012-05-14 01:46:43] <i3> also... you're watching kids movies while we talk about burnt

corpses. I love that juxtaposition

[2012-05-14 01:46:52] <kluge> am thinking about the melting

[2012-05-14 01:47:02] <anon> i just watched game of thrones before

[2012-05-14 01:47:13] <anon> i saw burnt children

[2012-05-14 01:47:26] <maya2> DONT RUIN IT

[2012-05-14 01:47:42] <anon> commercials...

[2012-05-14 01:48:19] <i3> anon, as you just got here, anything pressing to mention to charon?

[2012-05-14 01:48:44] <kluge> C1UCharon, did this damage look like due to heat, or a chemical reaction?


[2012-05-14 01:49:11] <Sorgens> Acid does not really corrode.

[2012-05-14 01:49:12] <C1UCharon> There was no chemical residue, no...powder, liquid, no material.

[2012-05-14 01:49:13] <kluge> or really just the mysterious emanations of this unknown device

[2012-05-14 01:49:24] <kluge> okay

[2012-05-14 01:49:27] <anon> i just want to know why us? how are we helping?

[2012-05-14 01:49:50] <anon> anything we can do between transmissions?

[2012-05-14 01:49:53] <Sorgens> At least Sulfuric Acid. Instead of corroding, it burns due to the heat

caused by the hydrolisis reaction with the skin humidity.

[2012-05-14 01:50:22] <C1UCharon> Have a look at the logs sometime soon. I'm not sure why Virgil

involved you. I've worked with civilians before, but mostly as informants.

[2012-05-14 01:51:05] <anon> ive seen the logs. it just seems odd

[2012-05-14 01:51:45] <lurker69> hi guys, i am back

[2012-05-14 01:51:47] -!- Kelgand [637f8b61@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #sift

[2012-05-14 01:51:56] <lurker69> hi c1u

[2012-05-14 01:52:30] <lurker69> could damage on bodies be caused by electricity?

[2012-05-14 01:52:46] <anon> well im here if you need me for anything

[2012-05-14 01:52:47] -!- FFLaguna|Korea [fflaguna@] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 01:52:49] <Sorgens> Electricity would char, I think. Not sure, though.

[2012-05-14 01:52:51] <lurker69> like this phenomena

[2012-05-14 01:52:54] <lurker69> In Colorado Springs, where he stayed from May 1899 until 1900, Tesla

made what he regarded as his most important discovery-- terrestrial stationary waves. By this discovery

he proved that the Earth could be used as a conductor and would be as responsive as a tuning fork to

electrical vibrations of a certain frequency. He also lighted 200 lamps without wires from a distance

of 25 miles( 40...

[2012-05-14 01:52:56] <lurker69> ...kilometers) and created man-made lightning. At one time he was

certain he had received signals from another planet in his Colorado laboratory, a claim that was met

with disbelief in some scientific journals.

[2012-05-14 01:53:10] <FFLaguna|Korea> Thank you, yama2 :)

[2012-05-14 01:53:24] <lurker69> thats electricity without cables

[2012-05-14 01:53:24] <i3> Just reading guys, microwave incinerators would melt bio material

without allowing it to combust, meaning little or no charring

[2012-05-14 01:53:25] <kluge> electricity would leave burns, yeah

[2012-05-14 01:53:35] <kluge> a current would anyway

[2012-05-14 01:53:47] <maya2> um lurker thats not a very trustworthy source.. "He also lighted 200 lamps

without wires from a distance of 25 miles" nice grammar lol

[2012-05-14 01:53:48] <C1UCharon> As far as I know, electricity would leave charring.

[2012-05-14 01:53:55] <lurker69> trats was teslas most important discovery and radius is 25 mi

[2012-05-14 01:54:30] <Sypherr> how about that heat ray technology that is supposedly to be used to

crowd control but has the ability to seriously burn people

[2012-05-14 01:54:47] <Sorgens> Sounds like infrared

[2012-05-14 01:54:50] <Sorgens> Would also char.

[2012-05-14 01:54:51] <Sypherr> the olympics is getting them

[2012-05-14 01:54:58] <Sypherr> its no infrared actually

[2012-05-14 01:55:04] <Sypherr> ill see if i can find it

[2012-05-14 01:55:05] <Sorgens> The only thing I know that produces heat without charring is microwaves

[2012-05-14 01:55:10] <i3> me too

[2012-05-14 01:55:14] -!- Kelgand [637f8b61@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 01:55:30] <i3> and some chemical reactions, actually

[2012-05-14 01:55:46] <maya2> have u considered u have a mole in ur grp charon?

[2012-05-14 01:55:49] <kluge> there have been ultrasonic devices but none would heat appreciably I think

[2012-05-14 01:55:54] <i3> but short of getting your agents to down some of that directly

before being taken by charon and team, that makes little sense

[2012-05-14 01:56:43] <FFLaguna|Korea> maya2 - What are you referring to?

[2012-05-14 01:57:15] <Sypherr> yeah the olympic ones are sound based, trying to find the heat one atm

[2012-05-14 01:57:35] <kluge> maybe Cream Play Spot is just a really really good and so notorious love


[2012-05-14 01:57:43] <lurker69> and what is devices s+power source? batteries, sun light, heat...

[2012-05-14 01:57:50] <i3> we're talking about defeated enemy forces passing out and later

burning up after being removed from within a distance of one of the devices. at least I think that's

what she's referencing

[2012-05-14 01:57:54] <Sypherr>

[2012-05-14 01:58:04] <Sorgens> Based on my limited knowledge abou the physical phenomena in the world,

a heating device that relies on sound waves does not seem to be very effective.

[2012-05-14 01:58:13] <kluge> yeah

[2012-05-14 01:58:20] <Sorgens> If it does, then I want one (sonic screwdriver anyone?)

[2012-05-14 01:58:38] <kluge> I think to have a mechanical wave in air that is that energetic, the air

would turn to plasma long before you'd be heating the target

[2012-05-14 01:58:43] <i3> from that Sypherr

[2012-05-14 01:58:44] <i3> The ADS millimeter wave energy works on a similar principle as a

microwave oven, exciting the water and fat molecules in the skin, and instantly heating them via

dielectric heating.

[2012-05-14 01:58:57] <kluge> and plasma would cause burns

[2012-05-14 01:59:26] <kluge> hmm

[2012-05-14 01:59:41] <kluge> C1UCharon, were their whole bodies melted or just the outside?

[2012-05-14 02:00:12] <kluge> microwave would heat from the outside

[2012-05-14 02:00:24] <C1UCharon> Only in certain areas did the flesh melt in any measurable fashion.

Face, chest, top of the head.

[2012-05-14 02:00:32] <maya2> so would most causes of burns tho kluge

[2012-05-14 02:00:47] <kluge> maya2, yeah other than the ingestion of chemicals previously mentioned

[2012-05-14 02:00:56] <kluge> okay

[2012-05-14 02:01:05] <i3> I'm really thinking microwave system then ladies and gents

[2012-05-14 02:01:12] <maya2> acid

[2012-05-14 02:01:53] <i3> how would you damage a person that much with an acid and not get

some all over the surrounding material though

[2012-05-14 02:02:01] <lurker69> but they got burned after exposure to device...

[2012-05-14 02:02:03] <i3> you'd notice that on the stretchers

[2012-05-14 02:02:21] <lurker69> we need something that works slow

[2012-05-14 02:02:24] <lurker69> like poison

[2012-05-14 02:02:31] <Sorgens> Kluge

[2012-05-14 02:02:37] <Sorgens> Microwave heats from the inside, actually

[2012-05-14 02:02:44] <maya2> have they conducted autopsies on them yet?

[2012-05-14 02:02:47] <Sorgens> Depending on the wavelength is the depth of penetration.

[2012-05-14 02:02:57] <i3> the heat beam ones are from the outside

[2012-05-14 02:03:08] <Sorgens> We were considering that for asphalt heating, since it does not rely in

the low thermal conductivity of bitumen.

[2012-05-14 02:03:08] <C1UCharon> As far as I know, but the results haven't come to me. Virgil's aware

of my request.

[2012-05-14 02:03:30] <lurker69> or device causes charon to halucinate...

[2012-05-14 02:03:47] <maya2> lol bad squid?

[2012-05-14 02:03:49] <C1UCharon> The entire team was mass hallucinating. I like this theory.

[2012-05-14 02:04:00] <lurker69> medical examination will tell us more, i guess

[2012-05-14 02:04:07] <lurker69> i was joking

[2012-05-14 02:04:12] <C1UCharon> MREs up until the assault, unless you're counting the pork lumpia and

chicken adobo.

[2012-05-14 02:04:26] <i3> That's another question, actually... Has there still only been such

severe negative effects on enemies leaving the radius?

[2012-05-14 02:04:49] <C1UCharon> Only the detainees at this time. We have yet to secure a second


[2012-05-14 02:04:50] <maya2> what aboult friendly forces too?

[2012-05-14 02:04:54] <maya2> o nm

[2012-05-14 02:05:37] <i3> So either there's something in long term exposure...

[2012-05-14 02:05:54] <maya2> maybe someone just didnt want u to have THOSE detainees

[2012-05-14 02:05:57] <C1UCharon> No casualties to report on my side./

[2012-05-14 02:06:03] <i3> or different devices? No, you moved them away from the one you

captured, right?

[2012-05-14 02:06:20] <lurker69> i think that u checked for radiation with that geiget meters

[2012-05-14 02:06:21] <C1UCharon> We did. The intent was to move them to the helicopter.

[2012-05-14 02:06:41] <C1UCharon> We don't roll around with geiger meters all the time, brother.

[2012-05-14 02:06:52] <i3> Right, so you and the detainees have been moved away from the same

device, one of you is cooked meat, the other is fine

[2012-05-14 02:06:53] <jeebus_> Wow. It's getting pretty late. I'm calling it a night.

[2012-05-14 02:06:58] <jeebus_> Night all.

[2012-05-14 02:06:59] <i3> Night jeebus_

[2012-05-14 02:06:59] <lurker69> so you didnt measure it at all?

[2012-05-14 02:07:11] <FFLaguna|Korea> Charon, what unit are you with?

[2012-05-14 02:07:17] <C1UCharon> Not personally. A field in the Philippines isn't exactly a radiation


[2012-05-14 02:07:29] -!- jeebus_ [~jeebus_@] has quit [Quit: oops!]

[2012-05-14 02:07:37] <lurker69> they could be just radioactive

[2012-05-14 02:07:40] <C1UCharon> Charon Strike Group.

[2012-05-14 02:07:42] <lurker69> a little bit

[2012-05-14 02:08:08] <FFLaguna|Korea> Where does that fall into the Marine Corps heirarchy?

[2012-05-14 02:08:10] <maya2> FFL he said hes with the FBI, i think

[2012-05-14 02:08:14] <C1UCharon> It doesn't.

[2012-05-14 02:08:17] <i3> maya

[2012-05-14 02:08:21] <kluge> lol maya

[2012-05-14 02:08:25] <maya2> >: O omg

[2012-05-14 02:08:28] <i3> that was a joke about kluge's fears

[2012-05-14 02:08:51] <maya2> that didnt happen

[2012-05-14 02:09:17] <kluge> C1UCharon, are you under jsoc?

[2012-05-14 02:09:20] <FFLaguna|Korea> Who is riding around in Marine Corps HMMWVs in uniform?

[2012-05-14 02:09:21] <kluge> tier 1?

[2012-05-14 02:09:27] <kluge> sad/sog?

[2012-05-14 02:09:28] <C1UCharon> This guy.

[2012-05-14 02:09:57] <FFLaguna|Korea> Hmm, so your cover is that of a Marine unit?

[2012-05-14 02:10:01] <kluge> I guess that's not a question that would be answered in a game or real


[2012-05-14 02:10:11] <maya2> ya :/

[2012-05-14 02:10:25] <Sypherr> C1UCharon do you know what was in the South Korea drop that was never

picked up?

[2012-05-14 02:10:34] <C1UCharon> Check the log when you get a chance, brother. Shouting at you in PM.

[2012-05-14 02:10:54] <C1UCharon> I made the drop, so yes.

[2012-05-14 02:10:57] <maya2> good question sypherr

[2012-05-14 02:11:05] <Sypherr> can you tell us what was in it?

[2012-05-14 02:11:33] <maya2> ya, laguna was supposed to get that drop ;p

[2012-05-14 02:11:33] <C1UCharon> Not at present. Will do as soon as possible.

[2012-05-14 02:12:44] <i3> You'd mentioned more drops in the future. Virgil getting sick of how

long some messages take to send

[2012-05-14 02:12:44] -!- Sorgens [] has quit [Read error: Connection

reset by peer]

[2012-05-14 02:12:56] <i3> is there a timeline on that, or wait to hear?

[2012-05-14 02:13:31] <C1UCharon> Haven't had direct contact with her in 12, maybe tonight?

[2012-05-14 02:14:02] -!- Sorgens [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 02:14:16] <i3> wb Sorgens

[2012-05-14 02:14:28] <Sorgens> wb?

[2012-05-14 02:14:38] <i3> oh. welcome back

[2012-05-14 02:15:36] <lurker69> do you fly to mission destinations with millitary or civil airlines?

[2012-05-14 02:15:48] <Sypherr> C1UCharon, so far we have assumed that SCRADER is the code name for the

'device', are you able to shed any light on what "AMBROSE" is?

[2012-05-14 02:15:57] <Sypherr> SCHRADER*

[2012-05-14 02:16:32] <lurker69> isnt schrader name of FOB

[2012-05-14 02:16:35] <lurker69> base?

[2012-05-14 02:16:49] <Sypherr> its refered to as OBJ SCHRADER

[2012-05-14 02:16:56] <Sypherr> as in object or objective

[2012-05-14 02:17:01] <Sypherr> same as AMBROSE

[2012-05-14 02:17:20] <C1UCharon> Bouncing between windows here.


[2012-05-14 02:17:33] <C1UCharon> Military and Civil. Depends on where we're going, what we're doing.


[2012-05-14 02:17:52] <C1UCharon> OBJ SCHRADER was made into FOB SCHRADER.

[2012-05-14 02:17:58] <Sypherr> i see

[2012-05-14 02:18:02] <C1UCharon> AMBROSE was site of assault.

[2012-05-14 02:18:24] <lurker69> makes some sense now, but its all just code names

[2012-05-14 02:18:44] <Kelgand> Was there a significance to May 1st, or was that just the day for the

first drop planned ahead.

[2012-05-14 02:18:59] <C1UCharon> May 1st was the day I was given for the first drop.

[2012-05-14 02:19:10] <C1UCharon> As far as I know, that's about it.

[2012-05-14 02:19:11] <maya2> which is what i said

[2012-05-14 02:19:22] <lurker69> is schrader fob in Philippines?

[2012-05-14 02:19:34] <C1UCharon> It was. It's been broken down by now.

[2012-05-14 02:19:41] <maya2> charon we assumed it meant terrorist attack :P

[2012-05-14 02:20:00] <lurker69> and what was your mission in korea, only drop?

[2012-05-14 02:20:03] <C1UCharon> You guys are some serious worrywarts.

[2012-05-14 02:20:12] <C1UCharon> But seriously, I can see how that would be a bit unnerving.

[2012-05-14 02:20:29] <FFLaguna|Korea> How does The Menace tie into this?

[2012-05-14 02:20:37] <FFLaguna|Korea> I assume that's the direction we're being lead to.

[2012-05-14 02:20:47] <C1UCharon> The Phantom Menace in 3D?

[2012-05-14 02:20:48] <Sorgens> What is The Menace?

[2012-05-14 02:20:50] <maya2> well when ur first transmissions say "figure it out or we'll all parish"

and u hear the word Drop, flash drive isnt the first thing to come to mind lol

[2012-05-14 02:21:08] <FFLaguna|Korea> This is The Menace

[2012-05-14 02:21:12] <C1UCharon> I haven't made any transmissions, man.

[2012-05-14 02:21:12] <Kelgand> Oh, here we go. I don't know if you have any say in Virgil's

transmissions, but does TURN TH TABLE TH CKING TOWARD FORETOLD TIMES mean anything important?

[2012-05-14 02:21:18] <FFLaguna|Korea> Must be for a different [threeletteracronym]

[2012-05-14 02:21:32] <Kelgand> Well, I should have waited another half second to push enter.

[2012-05-14 02:22:11] <FFLaguna|Korea> Kelgand - How does TH look in numbers?

[2012-05-14 02:22:24] <lurker69> all transmission came from virgil, none from you; correct?

[2012-05-14 02:22:40] <FFLaguna|Korea> Kelgand - My guess is it's simply a miskeying in one of the

earlier transmissions

[2012-05-14 02:22:47] <C1UCharon> Virgil makes transmissions, I receive orders.

[2012-05-14 02:22:49] <Kelgand> I'll go back and check, FFL. A second doc to open, woo.... >_<

[2012-05-14 02:23:13] <FFLaguna|Korea> IT's probably already been investigated, plus if it was a key of

some sort it should have been obvious

[2012-05-14 02:24:02] <i3> Back on the topic of us worrying then, we'd talked eariler about an

expected increase in enemy activity leading up to the 20th and various sun based events going on then.

Has that turned out to be the case, or are they pretty much as normal?

[2012-05-14 02:24:37] <i3> again, sorry about the typos, mdt time zone and all

[2012-05-14 02:24:42] <FFLaguna|Korea> Hey maya2, have you asked Humean to join the channel yet?

[2012-05-14 02:24:51] <maya2> im not paying attention to umbra

[2012-05-14 02:24:55] <FFLaguna|Korea> He's been around longer than me, and he's the actual maintainer

of the Umbra research docs

[2012-05-14 02:25:00] -!- #sift You're not a channel operator

[2012-05-14 02:25:05] <C1UCharon> Haven't received a solid document regarding sun-based activity.

[2012-05-14 02:25:20] <maya2> im not leaving anyone out on purpose korea, ppl just need to msg me to get

an invite

[2012-05-14 02:25:28] <i3> so, could have just been us worrying. That's the better option

[2012-05-14 02:25:59] <C1UCharon> Or it could be an invisible threat waiting to pounce.

[2012-05-14 02:25:59] <Sorgens> go tell him tp pm maya

[2012-05-14 02:26:08] <C1UCharon> But for real, it's probably fine.

[2012-05-14 02:26:12] <i3> ha. Thanks

[2012-05-14 02:27:06] -!- Humean [~j@] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 02:27:10] <Humean> yo

[2012-05-14 02:27:36] <Kelgand> Heya, Hume

[2012-05-14 02:27:42] <C1UCharon> As I was saying, the chemical weapons will go off when the sun reaches

its highest point in the sky.

[2012-05-14 02:27:42] <Humean> Howdy howdy howdy

[2012-05-14 02:27:46] <C1UCharon> Oh, hey Humean.

[2012-05-14 02:27:58] <Humean> oh shit actually concrete prognostications

[2012-05-14 02:28:09] <i3> Heh.

[2012-05-14 02:28:27] <i3> Also last time we talked, Virgil was having to move location, was

there any word on why, and did she end up somewhere more secure?

[2012-05-14 02:28:47] <lurker69> C1U: are wethe only active SIFT group on internetz?

[2012-05-14 02:28:52] <C1UCharon> She moves fairly constantly. Broadcasts from different locations at

different times.

[2012-05-14 02:29:07] <Sorgens> Who made the CA drop?

[2012-05-14 02:29:08] <C1UCharon> That I'm aware of, yes. That being said, there are other strike teams.

[2012-05-14 02:29:13] <C1UCharon> Myself.

[2012-05-14 02:29:35] <C1UCharon> Helmet cam in about 10 mikes, I'm thinking.

[2012-05-14 02:30:13] <Kelgand> Maya wants to know what you look like, I'm sure.

[2012-05-14 02:30:33] <C1UCharon> Doubt I'll be flashing my face just yet.

[2012-05-14 02:31:07] <C1UCharon> Is that a running gag, the Maya bit? I was wondering why you cats kept

sending girls to talk to me.

[2012-05-14 02:31:11] <Kelgand> Sorry, Maya. I tried.

[2012-05-14 02:31:29] <maya2> -.- kelgand your a dick. yes its a running joke

[2012-05-14 02:31:36] <C1UCharon> Solid copy.

[2012-05-14 02:31:40] <i3> I think we just wanted consistant contacts

[2012-05-14 02:31:58] <falk0r> I just like watching maya livestream shit

[2012-05-14 02:32:11] <i3> Are we talking broadcasted helmet cam? how are you streaming?

[2012-05-14 02:32:24] <lurker69> that idea of posting voice transmissions to get random people involved

also came from Virgil?

[2012-05-14 02:32:32] <C1UCharon> The helmet cam can't livestream. I'll test it and post.

[2012-05-14 02:32:37] <Sorgens> falk0r, who doesn't?

[2012-05-14 02:32:41] <C1UCharon> After that, I'll give the livestream a shot.

[2012-05-14 02:32:43] <i3> got it

[2012-05-14 02:33:00] <C1UCharon> Virgil's transmissions, far as I can tell, targeted no one in


[2012-05-14 02:33:30] <maya2> except sift in general?

[2012-05-14 02:33:33] <Humean> What do you need info on Charon

[2012-05-14 02:33:38] <Humean> what are our leads

[2012-05-14 02:33:48] <C1UCharon> Yeah, Maya.

[2012-05-14 02:34:10] <Kelgand> Seeing as no one here even knew about before this, did

someone from your group give attention to the transmissions first?

[2012-05-14 02:34:30] <C1UCharon> We're generating the HVT list right now. I need intel regarding

potential couriers for this splinter group in Okinawa.

[2012-05-14 02:34:32] <Kelgand> That is, make a post on 4chan or whatever to bring attention to them?

[2012-05-14 02:34:54] <C1UCharon> Couldn't tell you. I was in the Philippines when this bit kicked off.

[2012-05-14 02:35:29] <C1UCharon> Standby one.

[2012-05-14 02:35:45] <kluge> why does virgil want people to know all this stuff

[2012-05-14 02:36:09] <lurker69> So what is our purpose in hole operation? Just to observe it, or help

at getting intel on to help you? exposing HVTs?

[2012-05-14 02:36:16] <maya2> he doesnt know y kluge

[2012-05-14 02:36:26] <kluge> o

[2012-05-14 02:38:01] <lurker69> digging for info i guess

[2012-05-14 02:38:17] <Kelgand> 00:08 < C1UMBRACharon> Don't rightly know why you have the level of

involvement you do, but I'd imagine someone wants this whole thing made fairly public for a reason.

[2012-05-14 02:39:43] <maya2> charon outta curiosity are you able to cipher and decipher?

[2012-05-14 02:39:44] <Humean> so lemme get this straight

[2012-05-14 02:40:21] <lurker69> thy kelgand

[2012-05-14 02:40:27] <Humean> are we supposed to be publicizing the little wheeley key or not

[2012-05-14 02:40:50] <Kelgand> I'd assume so, Humean. It's been used for the last two transmissions.

[2012-05-14 02:40:50] <Humean> because it seems kind of silly to transfer a key physically and then slap

it up on the internet publically

[2012-05-14 02:41:23] <lurker69> Virgil knows that, i suppose

[2012-05-14 02:41:26] <Sorgens> Well, 1W.jpg was not the only thing in the flash drive.

[2012-05-14 02:41:29] <Humean> like, I dunno, maybe it makes it harder for NSA semantic trees or whatevs

[2012-05-14 02:41:39] <Kelgand> (I was wondering if there was a reason for the drop other than to give

jeebus a free flash drive. The wheel could have been SSTV, the text as another number transmission, and

the phone hidden in it)

[2012-05-14 02:42:04] <kluge> Sorgens, what else was on the flashdrive?

[2012-05-14 02:42:16] <Sorgens> Maybe it was to prove commitment on our part.

[2012-05-14 02:42:18] <kluge> other than the rar and the preinstalled sandisk stuff

[2012-05-14 02:42:28] <Sorgens> Warthog.txt ans Charon.txt

[2012-05-14 02:42:36] <kluge> those were in the rar

[2012-05-14 02:42:37] <kluge> okay

[2012-05-14 02:42:56] <Kelgand> Oh, wait. i3 (I think) linked something, that outguess found a

59kb file in the wheel picture that last I heard, had not been identified.

[2012-05-14 02:43:16] <i3> that was lurker69

[2012-05-14 02:43:20] <Kelgand> SSTV wouldn't give hidden outguess info.

[2012-05-14 02:43:24] <kluge> steganography?

[2012-05-14 02:43:25] <lurker69> yup

[2012-05-14 02:43:26] <i3> I don't want to steal the credit

[2012-05-14 02:43:40] <Kelgand> Ah, ok. Thanks. lurker69 : Any updates on that?

[2012-05-14 02:43:51] <lurker69> but it was probably due to errors in exif data of camera

[2012-05-14 02:44:09] <Kelgand> That would be lame.

[2012-05-14 02:44:10] <i3> (my sources thought that too, lurker69 )

[2012-05-14 02:44:27] <lurker69> some cameras cause erros in beginig of files until you resafe jpg

[2012-05-14 02:44:35] <Sypherr> how goes the helmet cam C1UCharon?

[2012-05-14 02:44:55] <i3> he did say standby one

[2012-05-14 02:45:03] <i3> so... I think he's off

[2012-05-14 02:45:07] <Sypherr> ah

[2012-05-14 02:46:04] <Sypherr> anyone asked about the meaning of "Basset Hound"?

[2012-05-14 02:46:20] <i3> don't think so

[2012-05-14 02:47:11] <kluge> it was resaved tho wasn't it

[2012-05-14 02:47:13] <kluge>

[2012-05-14 02:48:35] <C1UCharon> Decent quality. Limited battery.

[2012-05-14 02:48:35] -!- Sorgens [] has quit [Read error: Connection

reset by peer]

[2012-05-14 02:48:41] <lurker69> kluge, if u resave it, due to recompression you lost data

[2012-05-14 02:49:43] -!- Sorgens [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 02:49:44] <i3> How limited?

[2012-05-14 02:49:45] <lurker69> here is the link to error

[2012-05-14 02:50:23] <maya2> charon are u able to cipher and decipher?

[2012-05-14 02:50:25] <C1UCharon> Looks like an hour, max. More than enough time to capture what we need

to capture.

[2012-05-14 02:50:29] <Humean> whatever happened to the assault video anyway

[2012-05-14 02:50:49] <C1UCharon> I can. Most ciphers have tools that exist to decipher.

[2012-05-14 02:51:05] <C1UCharon> Assault video being vetted by Virgil. Waiting on release confirmation.

[2012-05-14 02:51:22] <C1UCharon> Whatever's left of it when she's done.

[2012-05-14 02:52:15] <Humean> roger roger

[2012-05-14 02:52:31] <Sorgens> The 1 hr video would probably end up being a 10 secs edited version.

[2012-05-14 02:52:38] <i3> Is the cam test still worth posting?

[2012-05-14 02:52:49] <C1UCharon> Yeah. Nothing crazy.

[2012-05-14 02:52:55] <Kelgand> Sorgens: And 3 seconds of that will be an unrelated bug.

[2012-05-14 02:53:01] <maya2> lmao kelgand

[2012-05-14 02:53:30] <nnothingg> Guess I pressed you for 'intel' too hard C1UCharon ?

[2012-05-14 02:53:46] <C1UCharon> Oh hey, it's nnothingg.

[2012-05-14 02:54:04] <nnothingg> Don't go coward on us, you stick to the game.

[2012-05-14 02:54:08] <nnothingg> ;]

[2012-05-14 02:54:44] <C1UCharon> I'm just waiting for the next final fantasy character you'll accuse me

of being.

[2012-05-14 02:54:46] <Sorgens> Is Virgil strict when editing data?

[2012-05-14 02:55:20] <C1UCharon> Sometimes. Depends on what's in the data, when it was taken, where,

who...The timeframe is the biggest part.

[2012-05-14 02:55:29] <nnothingg> I didn't accuse you of shit, you just..avoided :)

[2012-05-14 02:57:16] <i3> Hey, in one of the more recents from virgil, she mentions "RADIUS


[2012-05-14 02:57:26] <i3> how many of these things do we know about?

[2012-05-14 02:57:32] <i3> do we have a number?

[2012-05-14 02:57:51] <Sorgens> I would assume plenty, since another transmission mentioned that they

were around the world.

[2012-05-14 02:58:08] <i3> Yeah... but that could mean 4 really spaced out

[2012-05-14 02:58:17] <i3> or one for every capital

[2012-05-14 02:58:19] <C1UCharon> I don't have a number for you. I'd imagine these guys would want as

many as they could pump out.

[2012-05-14 02:58:56] <i3> And at this point, we don't even know all they do, let along how

hard they'd be to make

[2012-05-14 02:59:31] <Sorgens> Thus, I would assume that the deviation in radii is due to the lack of

standards when manufacturing the devices.

[2012-05-14 03:00:09] <FFLaguna|Korea> Could be its geographical location on earth and how it interacts

with magnetic field lines

[2012-05-14 03:00:43] <kluge> or ley lines

[2012-05-14 03:00:52] <kluge> lines of various powers both organic and supernatural

[2012-05-14 03:00:58] <maya2> i thought ley lines were a theory

[2012-05-14 03:01:06] <i3> they very are

[2012-05-14 03:01:28] -!- Humean [~j@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[2012-05-14 03:01:52] <C1UCharon> If you'd have told me a year ago I'd be sitting in Japan listening to

my civ counterparts discuss supernatural power lines, I'd have told you to fuck off.

[2012-05-14 03:02:07] <kluge> well like I've seen those maps where they draw various geometric lines

that are coincident upon important geographic and architectural landmarks

[2012-05-14 03:02:43] <i3> So, on a lower level, we're sitting with priority being find out

what the cabs involvement is in ferrying messages and personnel?

[2012-05-14 03:02:47] <lurker69> could be device that make crop circles, to the field with it :-P

[2012-05-14 03:03:00] <maya2> lmao

[2012-05-14 03:03:03] <kluge> yeah they mentioned rural areas

[2012-05-14 03:03:20] <kluge> were any of the rural areas large agricultural centers do you know?

[2012-05-14 03:03:24] <maya2> oh jesus we debunked a myth

[2012-05-14 03:03:25] <C1UCharon> Hoping to snatch a messenger sometime soon, Ill.

[2012-05-14 03:03:33] <Sorgens> rural is defined as not urbanized, I think... so it does not necessarily

has to have crops.

[2012-05-14 03:03:47] <maya2> so ur suggesting crop circles in buildings?

[2012-05-14 03:03:58] <kluge> Sorgens, whence my followup question

[2012-05-14 03:04:33] <kluge> so then

[2012-05-14 03:04:37] <Sorgens> I'm laying on a reclinable couch.... hard to type fast with the hands

completely parallerl to the kjeyboard

[2012-05-14 03:04:51] <kluge> I done that

[2012-05-14 03:04:56] <Kelgand> Me too! It's so comfy, isn't it?

[2012-05-14 03:04:59] <kluge> you gotta lap balance the keyboard

[2012-05-14 03:05:04] <kluge> or like, lift your feet up

[2012-05-14 03:05:25] <kluge> anyway, back to agriculture

[2012-05-14 03:06:02] <Sypherr> C1UCharon, any idea if the enemy has a cell in Australia?

[2012-05-14 03:06:27] <i3> there were quite a few aum-aussie associations back in the day

[2012-05-14 03:06:28] <lurker69> i am already sorry i mentioned crop circles

[2012-05-14 03:06:28] <kluge> just wonderin' cause I remember speculative discussions of plants in crop

circles exhibiting possible microwave radiation exposure

[2012-05-14 03:06:32] <C1UCharon> That's almost where the enemy started.

[2012-05-14 03:06:53] <i3> almost?

[2012-05-14 03:07:01] <lurker69> i3 show charon picure of black BMW

[2012-05-14 03:07:07] <kluge> like japan is close to australia almost

[2012-05-14 03:07:09] <i3> haha

[2012-05-14 03:07:10] <kluge> new zealand?

[2012-05-14 03:07:11] <i3> no need

[2012-05-14 03:07:18] <i3> didn't see it at all today

[2012-05-14 03:07:24] <Sypherr> Ive really been tempted to go for a road trip out to where aum was doing

their expirements kik\

[2012-05-14 03:07:25] <Sypherr> lol*

[2012-05-14 03:07:34] <kluge> hmm

[2012-05-14 03:07:47] <kluge> Sypherr, look around for crop circles mebbe

[2012-05-14 03:07:51] <i3> and I was at work for 12 hours, I was easy enough to find lurker

[2012-05-14 03:08:45] <C1UCharon> What's this about a black BMW?

[2012-05-14 03:09:03] <i3> I had an... encounter with one yesterday

[2012-05-14 03:09:06] <kluge> people been scared they getting followed

[2012-05-14 03:09:19] <C1UCharon> People? More than one?

[2012-05-14 03:09:25] <kluge> yeah soemone mentioned a van I think

[2012-05-14 03:09:30] <kluge> don't remember who

[2012-05-14 03:09:36] <C1UCharon> Ill, you have a picture of this guy?

[2012-05-14 03:09:37] <kluge> who mentioned a white van?

[2012-05-14 03:09:56] <lurker69> enemy? yay finally

[2012-05-14 03:09:58] <i3> One parked in a good sight line outside my place yesterday for

around 2 hours, I went out a few times and they made I contact. I left, and went to work, a few minutes

later it was parked across the street

[2012-05-14 03:10:01] <i3> yes

[2012-05-14 03:10:09] <i3> I'll track it down

[2012-05-14 03:10:17] <kluge> they made eye contact?

[2012-05-14 03:10:17] <lurker69> guys prepare the party van

[2012-05-14 03:10:20] <C1UCharon> Going private, ill.

[2012-05-14 03:10:23] <i3> though if it was a tail, he wanted me to know

[2012-05-14 03:10:29] <kluge> yeah exactly

[2012-05-14 03:10:35] <kluge> if they made eye contact

[2012-05-14 03:10:39] <kluge> and stayed

[2012-05-14 03:12:15] <lurker69> btw kluge: what you use conceal your ID here


[2012-05-14 03:12:32] <kluge> I use freenodes

[2012-05-14 03:12:33] -!- falk0r [] has quit [Quit: leaving]

[2012-05-14 03:12:40] <lurker69> can you make it at any text you wish?

[2012-05-14 03:12:44] <kluge> no

[2012-05-14 03:12:48] <lurker69> ok

[2012-05-14 03:12:49] <kluge> so

[2012-05-14 03:12:54] <kluge> do you have a registered nick

[2012-05-14 03:13:04] <kluge> if you've had it for a while, you can request an unaffiliated cloak

[2012-05-14 03:13:08] <lurker69> i exected some random jhgkjhgj from freenodes

[2012-05-14 03:13:38] <lurker69> yeah i was talking to guys on #freenodes about it

[2012-05-14 03:13:40] <kluge> also, if you join an oss project on freenode, then the project manager can

give you a cloak with the name of that project

[2012-05-14 03:13:43] <lurker69> dont really need it

[2012-05-14 03:13:56] <kluge> so sometimes you'll see stuff like octave/nickname

[2012-05-14 03:14:07] <kluge> for instance, if the person is part of the octave project or whatever

[2012-05-14 03:14:29] -!- begedele [c2371a08@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 03:14:30] <lurker69> i like on anonps, everybody are FBI

[2012-05-14 03:14:37] <begedele> morning

[2012-05-14 03:14:47] <maya2> morning begel

[2012-05-14 03:14:49] <lurker69> morning

[2012-05-14 03:15:12] <kluge> lurker69, well, this is an irc network primarily devoted to OSS projects

and developers

[2012-05-14 03:15:14] <i3> morning begedele

[2012-05-14 03:15:18] <Sypherr> oooo Banjawarn has an airport, could possibly get a light plane out that

way and do a fly over the Banjawarn Station haha

[2012-05-14 03:16:34] <lurker69> i have seen its pretty big yes, i am no expert on IRC, last time i was

using it we still used NEtscape navigator

[2012-05-14 03:19:39] <C1UCharon>

[2012-05-14 03:19:39] -!- Sorgens [] has quit [Read error: Connection

reset by peer]

[2012-05-14 03:20:01] <kluge> whose dog

[2012-05-14 03:20:13] <kluge> looks like a nice day

[2012-05-14 03:20:21] <C1UCharon> Mine, now. Burr suggested I get one and expose it to the device.

[2012-05-14 03:20:33] <kluge> poor dog

[2012-05-14 03:20:45] <i3> that is pretty good quality

[2012-05-14 03:20:53] -!- Sorgens [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 03:20:59] <C1UCharon> Maybe. Doubt much will happen to it, physically. He's convinced the

frequency of the device in operation will upset the dog.

[2012-05-14 03:21:57] <kluge> I'm not, cause it melted those dudes, no

[2012-05-14 03:22:07] <kluge> why wouldn't it melt dogs

[2012-05-14 03:22:35] <kluge> nice vid anyway

[2012-05-14 03:22:40] <kluge> what is the dog's name?

[2012-05-14 03:22:44] <kluge> now

[2012-05-14 03:24:16] <C1UCharon> It didn't melt me.

[2012-05-14 03:24:25] <C1UCharon> Dog's name is Okuri.

[2012-05-14 03:26:57] -!- Sorgens [] has quit [Read error: Connection

reset by peer]

[2012-05-14 03:27:41] <i3> hey, remind me again, what color stipe was on the taxis you saw

moving them?

[2012-05-14 03:27:47] <kluge> blue

[2012-05-14 03:27:48] <i3> stripe...

[2012-05-14 03:27:52] <C1UCharon> Blue stripe, white background.

[2012-05-14 03:27:58] <C1UCharon> Predominantly, that is.

[2012-05-14 03:28:05] <C1UCharon> Red background, yellow stripe also operate in the area.

[2012-05-14 03:28:39] -!- Sorgens [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 03:28:43] <i3> k, thanks

[2012-05-14 03:28:57] -!- nignog_ [5768002d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-14 03:30:16] -!- Sorgens [] has quit [Read error: Connection

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[2012-05-14 03:30:35] <C1UCharon> Stepping out.