Repetitive elements:Edit

  • May 1st - (mayday, mentioned on transmissions 2, 4...did not notice the mention on 6 but it is currently transcribed?) -Now known to be date of first drop
  • Last 38 - (last 38 hours)
  • Obj Schrader - (The Device, a person, the high value target, an inventor to sarin, mountain on border to France/Spain, range on Papua New Guinea)
  • South Korea
  • Aum Shinrikyo
  • Order to the Solar Temple
  • Ezekiel Reference
  • Kangaroo/Kanangu/Kanungu
  • Winds
  • Sarin Gas
  • Apocalypse
  • Ambrose - a Location, also one to the creators to Sarin (Schrader, Ambrose, Rüdiger and Van der LINde the bold letters being how it got its name)
  • mentioned callsigns to the poster/names re-occuring:
    • Charlie One Umbra

    • Umbra

    • charon

    • cone umbra

    • c1umbra

    • Virgil
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