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This is a Collection of useful tools

Cipher toolsEdit

Multi purposeEdit

  • ACA Tools
  • offers you a vast collection of online tools to choose from.
  • The Black Chamber has a few very good visual online tools to help you analyzing basic ciphers.
  • is a collection of free, online, browser-based, text editing/manipulation tools.
  • Cryptool 2 is a complete suite for your crypto needs.


Special purposeEdit

Drop CodebookEdit

SSTV ImagesEdit

  • RX-SSTV is a very good and easy to use SSTV receiving program.
  • MMSSTVis also very good and easy to use.
  • SSTVtoolsis a collection of tools including a very good SSTV image denoiser


  • Audacity helps you cutting and correcting audio files.