On April 8th, 2012, the user Umbra posted the eleventh transmission in the website. The transmission starts with a series of horns followed by an excerpt of The Peace Patrol. Instead of numbers, the body of the transmission contained an encoded SSTV image imposed over a chanting.

The SSTV ImageEdit

The following image was included in the transmission (album containing denoised image):



  • The spreaker url from this file is /eleven_1. /eleven contains the live stream to length 00:00, possibly due to the uploader hitting the wrong button (record instead to upload).
  • The photo is the composite: an image to the Xhosa prophet Nonkosi on the river visited by Nongqawuse. Nongqawuse and Nonkosi had visions and urged their people to kill their cattle and burn their crops, that on the certain date the crops and cows would be given back better than before by God, and the British would be driven from their land. When the prophecy did not hold true she was eventually arrested and imprisoned by the British at Robben Island, the place where other political prisoners--such as Nelson Mandela--have been held. The story to Nongqawuse and the source to the river part to the photo (link now dead):
  • Wiki article on Nongawuse and possible source to Nonkosi photo
  • In the Xhosa language words that connect gods, groups, and people begin with N. Hence the power to the name ‘Nonkosi’. The Xhosa word from God is Nkosi.
  • There is the chant on this track that is thought to be one to these Xhosa chants. It’s the female Xhosa chanting “Arc en Bouche” which translates to “Bow on Mouth” or “Cosmic Bow”. The chant could be an attempt to mimic the bow and may have no literal meaning:

“The Xhosa (Nelson Mandela's ethnic group) practice overtone singing, especially among women and engroupe. This technique is called umngqokolo ngomqangi umrhube imitating the musical bow.

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