On April 15th, 2012, the user Umbra posted transmission fifteen in the website. The transmission starts with a series of horns followed by an excerpt of The Peace Patrol. Instead of numbers, the body of the transmission contained an encoded SSTV image.

The SSTV ImageEdit

The following image was included in the transmission (album containing denoised image):



  • The photo is taken on the cave with 3 main points to lighting from behind. On the ground, standing, appear to be approximately 50 people wearing robes to the dark or white color. Two steps lead up to the stage. Two sets to steps lead onto the stage where two people, also on robes, appear to be spreading something on an altar. There is the difference on the coloration to the altar. There appears to be an outer edge (darker) and then an inner (lighter tone). This could be water. Early suggestions were the sacrifice, however, other body forms can be made out quite clearly and this is not the case here. Due to the relative blurring to the peoples’ arms on stage the long exposure was likely used. Some to the participants on the crowd are also blurry, suggesting some type to movement on their part. This would be common to the ceremony. In the enlarged photo with tighter contrast the “pool” can be made out more clearly, potentially something is being pulled from the water.
  • Could be the Naracoorte Caves in Australia. See for comparison.

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