On June 3rd, 2012, the user Umbra posted transmission fifty two in the website. The transmission starts with a series of horns followed by an excerpt of The Peace Patrol. Instead of numbers, the body of the transmission contained an encoded SSTV image imposed over the song Fly Me to the Moon.

The SSTV ImageEdit

The following image was included in the transmission:



  • The picture is of the HVT #2, codenamed "Bearcat" "Pinkiepie".
<C1UCharon> Bearcat's bleeding in the detainee room.
<C1UCharon> Changing detainee codename to Pinkie Pie for the duration of
            his stay here.
<C1UCharon> Pinkypie is bleeding in the detainee room.


At same time, Charon posted the link of a new youtube clip on #sift: HVT 2.flv.


HVT 2.flv

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