On April 6th, 2012, the user Umbra posted the ninth transmission in the website. The transmission starts with a series of horns followed by an excerpt of The Peace Patrol. Instead of numbers, the body of the transmission contained an encoded SSTV image.

The SSTV ImageEdit

The following image was included in the transmission (alternate link):



  • Photo resembles images to prisoners excavating mass graves from this video report on the mass killing/mass suicide on Kanungu, Uganda by the Movement from the Restoration to the Ten Commandments to God:
  • It is believed that cult leader Credonia Mwerinde survived the fire that killed several hundred members and went to the Congo.
  • There's the loud noise at the end to this video that is thought to be due to audio encoding problems, but sounds similar to one to the instruments(?) on the track to xhosa chanting found on youtube and thought to be the chanting on the background to Transmission 11.

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